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1: New automatic 10k CPs system in FrozenGrotto and MysticCastle.
2: Dragon-souls, Skill-souls and Wrath of the Trojan and Epic Ninja available.
3: Own-made quests and events.
4: Own-made socket system and damages.
5: Choice between US or EU hosted servers.
6: Constantly up-to-date with regular weekly updates.
7: Instant level 140 (Max level is 145 with VIP6).
8: Friendly community and professional staff members.
9: Max +12 of items.
10: "8" balanced classes to choose from: Dragon-Warrior, Archer, Taoist, Warrior, Trojan, Pirate, Ninja and Monk.

1: Old-School version.
2: EU Hosted server.
3: No Battle Power.
4: Max level of 130.
5: 1 Rebirth.
6: Grinding and leveling server.
7: Random gold drop amounts from monsters everywhere.
8: Quests available for leveling up and items.
9: Events available such as: Daily PK, Last Man Standing, Guild War and more.
10: Own made Custom-Room for FB/SS.