Server features:

1: US and EU hosted servers (US: Fr3on)(EU: Divinity)
2: 9 balanced classes to choose from
3: Reincarnation and pure skills available
4: Instant level 140 and +12 gear for your class
5: Dragon-souls, Skill-souls and Epic Weapons available
6: Hourly bosses with numerous rewards and Cross Server bosses
7: Achievement, Alternative-gear, Chi, JiangHu, Perfection, Inner Power Sub-Class and VIP systems
8: 2k Unbound CPs system in all maps, 1k Bound CPs system in Twin City and 4k Bound CPs system in Frozen Grotto Floor 5
9: Nobility ranks - Nobility reset by 100% every month for non-donators and 70% for donators
10: PVP events such as ClanWar, ElitePK, EliteGW, SuperGW, SGW Cross War and more

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