Join our Discord server if you have an issue and need help, want to report a bug, make a suggestion or just want to talk with other players or our GMs!


Discord rules:
1) No Advertising
2) No racism or discrimination
3) Do not Impersonate staff members
4) Do not ask for ranks such as Moderator/Owner/GM
5) No drama, distruption or harassment within the Discord channels
6) Only English within the Discord channels and other languages in private
7) Do not post anyone's or your own account details within the Discord channels
8) Do not spam the Discord channels with pointless text or other disruptive material
9) Do not post inappropriate content or links (inlcudes using inappropriate avatars)
10) Use appropriate language - Excessive swearing/bypassing the profanity filter is not appropriate.

Server rules:

1) No advertising
2) No racism or discrimination
3) Do not impersonate staff members
4) Abusing bugs will lead to your account being banned
5) Selling/Buying Accounts/CPS/Items will not be tolerated
6) Do not beg/spam a GM for free CPs or items - It won't happen and will only get you in trouble
7) Insulting a GM/PM will lead to an account ban (Up to the GM/PM to decide how long the ban will be)
8) Any kind of harassment will not be tolerated and will lead to a 3 day account ban and more if continued
9) Sharing accounts is at your own risk. If it gets hacked or banned for breaking a rule, we will not help you
10) Using cheats, macros or bots such as auto-clicking, speedhacking or using any other cheat-engine will lead to an account ban

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