Terms and Conditions
1: Promotion or advertising of non-UG related games, businesses, organizations, or websites will not be tolerated;
2: Selling/Buying of items, cps or accounts outside of the game is considered illegal and will lead to a permanent account ban;
3: Bugs or exploits performed accidentally, intentionally, maliciously, or repeatedly may lead to the removal of items or an account ban;
4: Using cheats-engines or exploits such as speedhacking or aimbotting is not tolerated;
5: Insulting a GM/PM/Owner will lead to an account ban, however this is up to the specific GM/PM/Owner on how long the account will be banned for;
6: Impersonation of a UG staff member will not be tolerated and will lead to an account ban;
7: Distributing, or promoting the use of bots, hacks, or other 3rd party programs that alter the game-play or provide functions not available in the official client will lead to a account ban;
8: Racism or religious harassment will not be tolerated;
9: Item trades or promotions of other games or servers will lead to a permanent account ban;
10: Spreading, utilizing, or causing game bugs will lead to an account ban.


I Agree - I Do Not Agree

Server Time




Guild War Winners

Fr3on NA

Guild :#SweetHooligans

Leader : #Zak!

Megax NA

Guild :Vengeance

Leader : PrinceMarden

Troy EU

Guild :+Resurrectiøn+

Leader : Morphie

Victory EU

Guild :SurpriseMFucker

Leader : AvenGer#

NewBlood NA

Guild :ƒriëñК4ëvër

Leader : Pwee!

NewBlood EU

Guild :?loodlus?

Leader :